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Sara Bose

I am a versatile design practitioner with a background in various disciplines. I have a strong affinity for both digital media and hands-on work. My passion lies in branding, designing posters, books, and brochures, selecting color palettes, creating packaging, developing concepts, and set design.

When working on a project, I immerse myself in the entire process, finding joy in curating it. I begin by mind mapping and exploring different ideation techniques. Design principles and color theory hold significant importance to me, as I strive for perfection. Aesthetics and good taste are always at the forefront of my mind.

I possess a strong inclination toward creativity and thoroughly enjoy engaging in hands-on projects. I am a self-taught macrame artist. Additionally, I have developed a keen eye for interior decor.


Branding, Book Design, Motion Graphics,

Web design, Macrame Art, and Interior Design


Digital Marketing strategist / Branding Consultant at Worldish, Sweden (2020-24)

Graphic Designer at Yenepoya Group, Mangalore, India (2020-2021)

Intern at Element8 Design Studio, Dubai


Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe After Effects

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