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Fisherman's playbook

Book Design

This project takes inspiration from the vibrant lives led by the fisherfolk in and around Kochi, Kerala. It holds a special place in my heart, as I have dedicated a significant amount of time to thorough research and immersing myself in the community to gain inspiration and understand their unique journey. The outcomes of my research are captured in a video format as well.

The fisherfolk demonstrate incredible resilience and selflessness, making immense sacrifices for the greater good. It is of utmost importance to ensure their voices are heard and their lives are celebrated. They embody bravery, adventure, and intelligence, possessing exceptional knowledge of the ocean, weather, and the diverse marine life. It is imperative that this courageous community is not marginalized within society.

The book I made showcases various fishing methods, boats, their way of life, and much more, going beyond mere illustrations. The colour palette and typography used is also inspired from different elements they use, for example, the colours of the fishing boats. The book aims to shed light on the rich experiences and wisdom of the fisherfolk, showcasing their remarkable expertise in their field.

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