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Digital Marketing Strategist / Branding Consultant 


Since 2021, I've collaborated with Wordish, a Swedish initiative aiming to improve healthcare communication. Working remotely from India, I've served as a digital marketing strategist and lead branding consultant. Initially focused on language translation barriers, Wordish has broadened its scope to tackle wider communication challenges in healthcare. I played a pivotal role in this transformation by working closely with the design team. My responsibilities included spearheading design campaigns, crafting social media content, executing branding initiatives, and leading rebranding efforts such as redesigning the logo and overhauling the website. Additionally, I led social media campaigns for events like Women's Day webinars and designed campaigns for exhibitions. 

During my collaboration with Wordish, I took the lead in organizing their webinars, closely involved in structuring the entire event layout and establishing the marketing objectives. Additionally, I contributed to the development of internal marketing campaigns within the company.

Here are some of the collaborative projects I've been involved in with their design team.

Here's a segment from the motion graphics video I collaborated on with the team. I was responsible for overseeing the entire process while working with them along side, from crafting storyboards and narratives to meeting deadlines.

Blue Abstract Background

Website Design

Here are a few snapshots of the revamped Wordish website. We've aligned the design with Wordish's new vision by incorporating their latest product features and color schemes, all while prioritizing user-friendliness.

Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 18.07.25.jpg
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